LockDown Bench Grip

Are you tired of super slick benches at your gym? Our first of many products is the LockDown grip, it is a tool that is designed to give you maximum grip so you can remain planted, stay safe and move more weight. It helps any bench mimic a competition bench with maximum grip. The LockDown grip is made of a custom silicone blend that we came up with to provide both grip and durability. It is very simple to use and very portable with the included carrying case. Simply place the LockDown grip on any bench press, there is no need for velcro, attachments or any type of adhesive. Once you're done benching, roll it up, throw it back in the carrying case and into your gym bag. The material is designed to take a beating. You can roll it up, crush it, jump on on it if you want and it returns to its original shape ready to go.

Patent Pending.

Once you Lock It Down you will never go back.